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Capax Bona

USB Rechargeable Bicycle LED Safety Flashlight

USB Rechargeable Bicycle LED Safety Flashlight

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Enhance your cycling visibility and  safety!

Waterproof bicycle taillight
Bicycle Rear LED Light
Build-in lithium battery USB rechargeable
4 modes Long Bright, slow flash, flash in order and strobe
Super waterproof
High brightness and energy saving LED.

[Name] USB charging tail light
【Power source】Lithium battery
[Color] red light, white light, blue light
【Lamp holder】Super bright LED lamp holder
[Mode] Constant light, slow cycle, burst flash, fast cycle
[Applicable pipe diameter] Suitable for sitting pipes within 4cm
[Use time] The charging time is 2 hours, and the use time is up to 6 hours

Package Content
1*Bicycle Light
1*USB Cable
1*Rubber buckle strap

Enhance your cycling visibility and safety with the USB Rechargeable Bicycle LED Safety Flashlight – the essential lighting solution for bright, durable, and eco-friendly illumination on all your cycling adventures! This high-performance flashlight features an ultra-bright LED light that cuts through darkness and low-visibility conditions, ensuring you remain seen and safe on the roa d.

The USB rechargeable battery provides convenient, cord-free power for hours of continuous use, while the weather-resistant construction ensures reliable performance in any conditions. The easy-to-install, adjustable mount fits securely on most bike handlebars, and the compact design adds a sleek, modern touch to your ride.

Say goodbye to dim, unreliable bike lights and hello to enhanced visibility and safety with the USB Rechargeable Bicycle LED Safety Flashlight – your new go-to cycling accessory for brighter, safer, and more enjoyable rides!

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