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Capax Bona

Super Washing Machine Laundry Clothes Cleaning Ball

Super Washing Machine Laundry Clothes Cleaning Ball

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A Better Way To Do Your Laundry

Revolutionize your laundry routine with these amazing laundry cleaning balls! Say goodbye to harsh detergents and hello to Eco-friendly, toxin-free cleaning.

1. High-quality and ultra-fine filter mesh 
2. Hair absorption into the net, and do not damage clothing
3. Stops lint from clogging laundry tub or sink. 
4. Easy to Use, put this floating lint mesh bag in the washing machine, floats right on top of the clothes, and will not damage clothing. 
5. Reusable

Product Details:
Material: polyester+PP
Color: purple, blue, pink
Weight: about 25g
Name: Gyroscopic washing machine filter

Package Contents:
Polyester washing machine filter X1


These innovative balls use powerful magnets to break down dirt and grime, leaving your clothes fresh and clean. Plus, their unique design helps to soften fabrics and reduce wrinkles, eliminating the need for fabric softeners and dryer sheets.

Simply toss them in with your laundry and let them work their magic. Say hello to a greener, cleaner way of doing laundry with these must-have cleaning balls!

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