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Capax Bona

Red Wine Needle Pen-shaped Air Pressure Bottle Opener

Red Wine Needle Pen-shaped Air Pressure Bottle Opener

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Uncork your favorite wines  effortlessly!

1. [High-efficiency air pump wine corkscrew]: Upgraded 7S corkscrew, detachable cork, faster opening of the bottle, labor-saving, specially designed for women and the elderly. No need to twist, just slide the needle in and pull it out several times, and then the cork will come out. Avoid cork damage.
2. [Cleanly remove any cork]: Compared with the traditional cork, the wine pneumatic pump corkscrew can cleanly remove the natural cork and prevent the cork from polluting the wine. The wine corkscrew uses a sharp metal needle that can be neatly slid into the center of the cork for complete disassembly.
3. [Safe and portable]: Unlike most corkscrews on the market, this corkscrew adopts an assembly design. After use, the needle can be retracted into the corkscrew without being exposed to the outside to avoid Children causing accidental injury. Because of its lightweight and compactness, you can take it with you. No power is needed, and it can be turned on anywhere you are camping or traveling.
4. [Compatible with most wine bottles]: Our sturdy wine bottle opener feels great when held in hand, and looks elegant on the table, like lipstick. It is the best pneumatic corkscrew for home, bar, conference, party, or wedding ceremonies on formal and casual occasions.
5. [Reliable product]: A wine pressure corkscrew is ideal for wine lovers, special events, anniversaries, and other gifts.

Product Information:

Material: ABS
Style: simple and stylish
Features: Pneumatic bottle opening

A: [Frosted Black] Straight cylindrical/needle pneumatic bottle opener,
B: [Frosted Black] Straight cylindrical/needle air pressure corkscrew + red wine vacuum stopper + wine pourer + paper cutter,
C: [Frosted Black] Curved/Needle Air Opener,
D: [Frosted Black] Curved/Needle Air Pressure Corkscrew + Wine Vacuum Stopper + Wine Pourer + Paper Knife,
E: [Magic Night Black] Pen/Needle Air Pressure Corkscrew,
F:[Melly Red]Pen-shaped/needle-type pneumatic bottle opener,
G: [Deep Ocean Blue] pen-shaped/needle-type pneumatic bottle opener,
H:[Huguang Green]Pen/Needle Air Opener

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Uncork your favorite wines effortlessly with the Red Wine Needle Pen-shaped Air Pressure Bottle Opener - the ultimate fusion of style and functionality for wine enthusiasts! This innovative opener features a sleek, pen-shaped design with a precise needle that gently removes corks without damage.

The air pressure mechanism ensures a smooth and effortless opening experience, making it perfect for both casual gatherings and elegant soirées. The compact size and easy-to-use operation make it a must-have accessory for any wine lover.

Experience the perfect blend of form and function with the Red Wine Needle Pen-shaped Air Pressure Bottle Opener - cheers to your next glass of wine!

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