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Professional Furniture Mover Wheel Bar Roller Lifter Tool Set

Professional Furniture Mover Wheel Bar Roller Lifter Tool Set

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The ultimate solution for effortlessly  lifting.


-- Ergonomic & labor-saving: Ergonomic design, so easily lift and move your heavy furniture and appliances, one-hand operation, easy assembly, no tools needed.
-- Multifunction: Suitable for use on hardwood floors, carpet, convenient to move sofas, bookcases, tables, chairs, beds, piano, refrigerator, cabinets and more.
-- Portable& protective: Great tools to lift heavy objects, moving & rearranging office, furniture, and appliances without any damage. Protective panels won't damage furniture.
-- Furniture lifter kit: A toolset to easily redesign and rearrange living space. Set includes 1 furniture lifter and 4 mover pad sliders.
-- Safety: 360-degree rotatable pads make furniture legs, appliance feet to hold securely. Great for sofas, bookcases, tables, chairs, beds, refrigerator, etc.
-- Bear: It can bear 100 kg/220Lbs, so you can easily move heavy furniture or appliances.
-- High quality: Made by durable steel, PVC plastic spraying handle with anti-slip design. The 4 pack wheel rollers are made of ABS plastic, durable, and impact resistant.
-- Easy to use:
1. Put the lifter under to furniture and then lift it up
2. Place 4 rollers into the 4 corners.
3. Remove the furniture lifter and move your furniture by the mover pad sliders.

Color: red/yellow/blue/
Lifter length: 345mm
Single roller size: 79.8*105.8mm
Main material: ABS+steel+PS+PVC
Product weight: 1200g
Maximum capacity (per piece): 200kg/440 lb
Scope of application: sofa, bed, bookcase, refrigerator, washing machine/dryer

Package Content:
1 * lifter
4 * mover pad sliders

Move heavy furniture like a pro with the Professional Furniture Mover Wheel Bar Roller Lifter Tool Set – the ultimate solution for effortlessly lifting, shifting, and rearranging furniture without the strain! This heavy-duty tool set features durable rollers and lifters designed to make light work of moving sofas, refrigerators, washing machines, and more.

The versatile design and easy-to-use mechanism ensure a secure grip on your furniture, protecting your floors and walls from damage during the process.

Say goodbye to back pain and hello to stress-free, efficient furniture moving with the Professional Furniture Mover Wheel Bar Roller Lifter Tool Set – your new go-to solution for painless home or office furniture rearrangement!

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