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Capax Bona

Magnetic Silicone Phone Neck Mount Hanging Bracket

Magnetic Silicone Phone Neck Mount Hanging Bracket

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Embrace hands-free  convenience!

Product Information:
Color: gray, sapphire blue
Applicable models: Universal all mobile phones
Product Size: 28*17 * 2cm
Material: silicone abs metal
Packing List: see specifications

1. Mobile phone shooting with first person perspective
2. Magnetic suction quick release, 16 strong neodymium ferromagnets, super strong magnetic suction design, no fear of falling (equipped with anti release rope, double safety guarantee)
3. Easy switching between horizontal and vertical screens for multi angle shooting
4. Material: Skin friendly silicone+solid aluminum strip, comfortable to wear

Packing List:

Mobile Phone Holder 1 x pc

Product Image:

Embrace hands-free convenience with the Magnetic Silicone Phone Neck Mount Hanging Bracket – the ultimate wearable accessory for comfortable, secure, and versatile phone usage on the go! This innovative bracket features a soft, flexible neck mount made from skin-friendly silicone that gently hangs around your neck, allowing you to position your phone at the perfect viewing angle.

The powerful built-in magnets keep your device securely in place, ensuring stable, worry-free use while walking, exercising, or performing daily tasks. Compatible with most smartphones, this lightweight, easy-to-use bracket is perfect for busy professionals, outdoor enthusiasts, or anyone seeking a more convenient, comfortable way to access their device.

Say goodbye to sore hands and hello to hands-free productivity with the Magnetic Silicone Phone Neck Mount Hanging Bracket – your new essential wearable tech for accessible, ergonomic, and versatile phone usage anytime, anywhere!

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