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Capax Bona

Intelligent Digital Display Faucet Pull-out Basin

Intelligent Digital Display Faucet Pull-out Basin

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The ultimate fusion of sleek!


1.【3 in 1 360° Swivelling Waterfall Kitchen Tap】Liftable and 360° rotatable, pull-out stretch 60cm length, satisfied with different cleaning requirements. Easy and convenient, suitable for kitchen and bathroom and various other occasions.
2.【LED Temperature Display Function】Modern smart bathroom faucet display screen can automatically display the water temperature, you do not need to measure the temperature by hand.
3.【Multi Situations Application】You need to measure it in advance to make sure the size matches, and it is easy to install, so it is good to keep it beautiful. Pulling Lifting Digital Display Faucets for laundry faucets, kitchen faucets, RV faucets, bathroom faucets, and so on.

Product information:
Material: Copper
Style: modern simplicity
Valve core: ceramic valve core
Surface process: water plating process
Installation caliber: 35mm


Introducing the Intelligent Digital Display Faucet Pull-out Basin – the ultimate fusion of sleek design and cutting-edge technology for a smarter, more sustainable, and personalized washing experience! This innovative faucet features an easy-to-read digital display that allows you to monitor water temperature and usage in real-time, ensuring optimal comfort and efficiency.

The versatile pull-out design and adjustable water flow provide maximum flexibility for various washing tasks, while the durable, high-quality materials ensure long-lasting performance.

Say goodbye to outdated faucets and hello to a modern, eco-conscious washing experience with the Intelligent Digital Display Faucet Pull-out Basin – your new essential fixture for smarter, more efficient, and personalized water control in your home!

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