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Cooling Rack Adjustable Portable Non-Slip Laptop Stand

Cooling Rack Adjustable Portable Non-Slip Laptop Stand

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Maximize your productivity and  comfort!


1. Durable and ventilated hollow design: Urmust notebook computer bracket is made of specially processed aluminum alloy material, which has a delicate touch, easy to clean, anti-rust; anti-scratch; metal heat-conducting alloy and vented hollow design to help the computer cool and prevent overheating.
2. Protective stability and foldability: The sturdy adjustable laptop stand is sturdy and can support a weight of 13 pounds (6 kg); the rubber on the stand is firmly adhered to ensure that the laptop is stable on the stand and prevents scratches. Foldable to save space, easy to store, and designed with a handle hole for easy portability.
3. Widely applicable to most laptops: this sturdy laptop stand is compatible with all 10 ”-17” laptops, and the unique storage slot on the bottom panel allows you to place mobile phones, USB, iPad pens , Wireless mouse and other accessories or pens, erasers, staplers and other stationery.
4. Can be used in a variety of occasions: such as offices, meeting rooms, libraries, cafes, kitchens and music games room, used to store laptops, tablets, projectors, menus, music books, magazines, etc. Provide thoughtful practical gifts and family for your friends.


Model: P18 notebook stand
Category: Laptop Stand
Style: Folding
Product weight: 0.8KG

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Maximize your productivity and comfort with the Cooling Rack Adjustable Portable Non-Slip Laptop Stand – the ultimate companion for your work-from-anywhere lifestyle! This versatile stand features an adjustable design that accommodates multiple angles and heights, ensuring an ergonomic setup that reduces neck and eye strain.

The non-slip surface and sturdy construction keep your laptop secure and stable, while the integrated cooling rack promotes optimal airflow to prevent overheating.

Lightweight and portable, this stand is perfect for use at home, in the office, or on the go. Experience the perfect balance of functionality and convenience with the Cooling Rack Adjustable Portable Non-Slip Laptop Stand – the ultimate solution for comfortable, efficient computing anywhere, anytime!

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