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Capax Bona

Awesome Portable Electric Coffee Bean Grinder

Awesome Portable Electric Coffee Bean Grinder

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Elevate your coffee  game!


- Features sharp, stainless-steel blades and interior for fast-even grinding, durability and easy cleaning.
- Easy to use: fill beans in the container, start press the button, after about 10-30 seconds of release the button, then it ready.
- Clear lid allows you to monitor the grinding process for a customizable grind.
- Built-in adjustable grind settings ensures you have precise control over the coarseness of beans.
- Perfect for grinding coffee beans, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices and so on, saving your effort and time.
- Comes with a brush for easy and convenient cleaning.

Product information:

Product Category: Juicing/Stirring/Cooking Machine
Capacity: 50 grams
Function: Dry grinding
Color: white, purple, black, European standard, American standard, British standard
Juicing/mixing/cooking machine type: dry grinding
Rated voltage: 220 (V)
Rated frequency: 50 (HZ)
Rated power: 150 (W)
Motor speed: 20000~29999
Product size: 198*94
Power: Below 800W
Mixing blade: single mixing blade
Scale mark: mark on the inner wall
Usage: semi-automatic
Whether plugged in: Yes
Cleaning method: non-automatic cleaning
Number of blades: 1
Material type: ABS
Shell technology: plastic
Speed: 20000

Packing list:

Host *1
Brush *1
Manual *1
Certificate of conformity*1
Power cord*1


Elevate your coffee game with the Awesome Portable Electric Coffee Bean Grinder, the ultimate companion for coffee enthusiasts on the go! This compact yet powerful grinder allows you to enjoy freshly ground coffee anywhere, anytime .

With its precision stainless steel blades and adjustable grind settings, you can achieve the perfect grind for your preferred brewing method, from coarse for French press to fine for espresso.

The easy-to-use, one-touch operation makes grinding a breeze, while the sleek and modern design adds a touch of style to your coffee ritual.

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Experience the convenience and consistency of freshly ground coffee with the Awesome Portable Electric Coffee Bean Grinder and savor every sip of your favorite brew like never before!

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