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Capax Bona

Awesome Foot Massager Cushion Massage Mat

Awesome Foot Massager Cushion Massage Mat

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Indulge in pure  relaxation!

Foldable and user-friendly.
Helps to eliminate toxin in the human body.
Promotes metabolism and blood circulation.
Adjusts the function of entrails.
Relaxes the nerve ache eases the tiredness of the muscle.
Strengthens the immunity of the human body.


Color: White
Weight: 145g
Size: 32x32cm

Packing Content:
1 x Foot Massage Cushion

Indulge in pure relaxation with our Awesome Foot Massager Cushion Massage Mat! Treat your tired feet to a soothing massage experience right at home.

This innovative mat is designed to provide ultimate comfort and relief, making every step a blissful one. Say goodbye to aching feet and hello to relaxation with our must-have foot massager cushion!

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